Tauriga Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:TAUG)’s Cannabigerol Infused Tauri Gum Will Enter Best New Product Competition At A Forthcoming 2020 Kosherfest

Tauriga Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:TAUG) said its Cnnabigerol infused, peach lemon-flavored Tauri-Gum will enter the best innovative product contest in the upcoming 2020 Kosherfest. The company will also exhibit its other products at an exhibition, which will be held during November 10, and 11, 2020, in New Jersey. Tauriga already introduced kosher certified CBG infused Tauri-Gum in May 2020 to enable customers to buy immediately to satisfy their needs.

Record sales through e-commerce channel in June

Tauriga posted the highest sales in June 2020 through e-commerce channels surpassing the record set in May 2020. It previously posted better sales of $19,062.25 in April 2020. The company already set in place sufficient infrastructure to handle the additional sales growth. It also maintains a substantial inventory of products worth $800,000 to support sales.

Tauri-Gum in 6 versions

Tauriga expects to introduce 6 versions of Tauri-Gum for sale beginning July 2020. It expects to enjoy high margin growth from July to September 2020. Tauriga is QoQ growth of over 140% through e-commerce channel.

Tauriga introduces a revamped website

Tauriga unveiled a revamped and redesigned website for online sales; it is integrated with the functional platform – Shopify. Its e-commerce fulfillment centers are shipping peach lemon-flavored Tauri-gum infused with CBG.

Signs a deal with Mr. Checkout

Tauriga signed a Go-To-Market distribution pact with Mr. Checkout Distributors based in Florida on June 29, 2020. The accord allows the company to sell its Tauri-Gum through 200,000 retail locations and stores served by DSD distributors nationwide.

Tauri-Gum brand comprises Mint, Blood Orange, and Pomegranate flavored varieties of CBD isolate infused chewing gum, zinc, and vitamin c infused chewing gums, and black currant and peach lemon-flavored CBG isolate infused chewing gums.

Seth M. Shaw, CEO of Tauriga, said the company is pleased to associate with DSD distributors to introduce its high quality and highly beneficial Tauri-Gum products across the US. This strategy helps the company to make its Tauriga a national brand. It will launch its products nationwide in September 2020.

CEO of Mr. Checkout, Joel Goldstein, said the company decided to add Tauriga products in its product offerings after a thorough review. He is pleased with the diversity, taste, quality, and packaging of Tauriga brand.

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