Stem Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:STMH) Introduces New Line Tinctures Grown Using Natural Nutrients Under The TJ Gardens Trademark

Stem Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:STMH) unveiled an innovative line of tinctures under the TJ Gardens Brand. They are cultivated using natural nutrients in no-till living soil.

Benefits of Tinctures

Tinctures offer a myriad of health benefits for medical patients. They also widely used by recreational consumers. Stem Holdings offered tinctures in innovative trial sizes. Consumers have an option to experience a variety of tinctures that comprise Sativa and Indica varieties and formula consisting of cannabidiol for improved effect.

CEO of Stem Holdings, Adam Berk, said the company will market tinctures where its other products are being sold. Consumers can choose the ideal product to suit their needs. After the trial, they can try full-sized tinctures for maximum health benefits. Stem Holdings offer high-quality tinctures that surpass the expectations of every consumer.

Stem Holdings will produce innovative tinctures from the existing biomass using its existing presence in Oregon. It will generate a lion share of its earnings from the sale of tinctures.

Enters a partnership with Alternative Organics, LLC

Stem Holdings signed an operational agreement with AOLLC (Alternative Organics, LLC). Under the terms of the deal, Stem Holdings will be responsible for managing the daily business activities of AOLLC. The company will use its existing presence in Oregon to improve the organic cultivation practices of AOLLC. Stem Holdings will accrue revenues from this lucrative deal.

Adam said the alliance with AOLLC is a significant milestone and helps to promote its growth. He further said the company will use its experience in the cannabis space to improve the sales of AOLLC’s Chunky Knob brand and other products.

Business update

Stem Holdings improved its revenues to $1.965 million in May 2020; it sold 58,100 units at $65.03 in 19,600 transactions from its Dispensaries. Its flower and pre-roll sales are 30,400 units in May 2020. The company also reported tincture sales of 831 units.

Stem Holdings reported sales of $1.873 million in April 2020, its dispensaries accounted for the sales of 52,000 units at $65.88. The company’s pre-roll and flower sales are 26,800 units.

Since its cultivation facilities and dispensaries are considered essential in Oklahoma, Nevada, California, and Oregon, the company conducted normal business during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

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