Tauriga Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:TAUG) Reports Robust Growth In Q2 2021 In Its E-Commerce Sales

Tauriga Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:TAUG) posted record growth in Q2 2021 in e-commerce sales continuing the momentum achieved in the previous quarter. It reported revenues of $62,864.06 in Q1 2021 from e-commerce sales. Tauriga expects to generate additional growth going forward with the prevailing fulfillment infrastructure. The company already maintains sufficient inventory levels for its product lines and products.

Strengthens DSD distributors

Tauriga enhanced the DSD (Direct Store Delivery) distributors nationwide to support the ongoing rollout of its flagship brand – Tauri-Gum nationwide. This is under the pact signed previously with Mr. Checkout (Mr. Checkout Distributors).

By improving the DSD distributors’ network, Tauriga can introduce its Tauri-Gum on several retail stores’ shelves.

Receives approval to operate as a government supplier

Tauriga received the approval to function as a government supplier in the US. It can now bid for the federal contracts in the US under the SAM registration and get paid.

The official endorsement allows the company to work on several current opportunities from government agencies and departments like DOD (Department of Defense).

HALAL certification for Tauriga

Tauriga is pleased to announce the receipt of HALAL certification for expanding its products in the Middle East. The products complying with HALAL certification meets the Islamic lifestyle or dietary requirements specified by Islamic law.

Under HALAL certification, Tauriga can sell its products to the Muslim population of 1.9 million worldwide in 112 nations and clinch a pie of the halal market worth several billion dollars.  The target markets for Tauriga include South East Asia, the Middle East, and the US.

CEO of Tauriga, Seth Shaw, said its main target is to develop a standard product that suits the needs of all demographics. The receipt of HALAL certification is vital because Tauriga plans to launch Tauri-Gum nationwide. It also offers access to global markets and reaps rich dividends going forward.

Adds new features to the e-commerce platform

Tauriga improved its e-commerce platform by adding additional features like educational articles, rewards, e-gift cards, multi-media reviews, and real-time blog. The new features help the company to generate robust growth. It plans to unveil Rainbow Deluxe Sampler Pack.

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