Namaste Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:NXTTF) Signs Agreement With Stigma Grow For Cannabis 2.0 and Terminates Deal With IGNITE International

Namaste Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:NXTTF) is expanding its Cannabis 2.0 product offering following the launch of the new butane hash oil (BHO) live resin product line. The company will sell the product line under the Phyto Extractions brand.

Namaste enters agreement with Stigma Grow for Cannabis 2.0 products

Also, Namaste has announced the signing of an exclusive agreement with Stigma Grow through its wholly-owned subsidiary CannMart Inc. The agreement with Stigma, a licensed processor and producers, will be for the distribution of crumble, shutter, and live resins via CannMart’s B2B platform of the provincial body supply agreement and the B2C online medical channel.

Travis McIntyre, the CEO of Stigma Grow, said that their mission aligns with cannabis producers, distributors, and retailers by ensuring access to premium cannabis concentrates. He said that the CannMart agreement is an ideal alignment with the promise to Canadians, and it builds on the momentum and success that they have seen in provinces where the products are currently available. McIntyre added that they are delighted to bring the unique live resin full-spectrum BHO products to consumers across Canada.

Namaste Technologies’ CEO Meni Morim said they are now a leading marketplace for premium Cannabis 2.0 products. This is through the company‚Äôs Phyto branded BHO live resin and the crumble, shutter, and live resins from Stigma Grow. The Stigma Grow products are known for their high-quality, and they will be a good addition to the CannMart line of Cannabis 2.0 products.

CannMart terminates agreement with Ignite International Brands

Recently Namaste Technologies terminated CannMart Inc. and IGNITE International Brands Ltd. to use Ignite trademarks for certain cannabis-based products. However, CannMart will continue offering Ignite inventory via its provincial control boards and through the medical channel at up to December 29, 2020, and won’t act as the Ignite distributor Canada. Interestingly, consumers in Saskatchewan can still continue getting Ignite products via licensed retailers and on the channel through the VendorLink platform.

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