Marijuana Company Of America Inc (OTCMKTS:MCOA) Signs A Share Exchange Accord Eco Innovation Group (OTCMKTS:ECOX) To Expand Global Cannabis Offering

Marijuana Company Of America Inc (OTCMKTS:MCOA) inked a collaboration accord with Eco Innovation Group (OTCMKTS:ECOX). The deal will pave the way for expanding the offering of cannabis in overseas markets.

Eco Innovation engages in the aggregation of investments to support innovative technologies, promoting social well-being and advancing green energy solutions to safeguard the environment.

The investments of Marijuana Company in Eco Innovation are based on its application for licensed marijuana extraction and CBD, which uses a non-CO2 solvent for creating a fluid output by extracting bioactive compounds.

CEO of Marijuana Company, Jesus M. Quintero, said the alliance with Eco Innovation advances its leadership role in the cannabis space. It will also offer numerous opportunities for expanding its business.

Marketing of extraction platform

Quintero said the e-commerce platform of Marijuana Company will be used for the marketing and distribution of sophisticated extraction platform of Eco Innovation. It helps to improve market reach and offerings.

Under this alliance, both firms will focus on expediting innovative hemp-derived products and sales across the world. As per the terms of the deal, the Marijuana Company offered its common stock worth $650,000 to Eco Innovation in exchange for an equal amount of shares from the latter.

hempSMART inks a deal Fulfillment

hempSMART, a subsidiary of Marijuana Company, signed a deal with As per the terms of the agreement, fulfillment will provide its logistics infrastructure and warehouses to store and distribute CBD products of hempSMART worldwide.

Initially, hempSMART products will be targeted for distribution through fulfillment in the UK, the US, and the Netherlands. Fulfillment will provide CBD products to the existing distribution channels and established customers of hempSMART in these nations.

Quintero said fulfillment is an ideal partner to hempSMART, considering it as one of the specialist service providers and distribution partners. Fulfillment, which has experience and expertise in distributing cannabidiol products outside the US, also offers excellent customer service.

Plant-based and organic products of hempSMART help people to managing their insomnia, pain, and anxiety without THC. The customers can buy hempSMART products from its online store, fulfillment, and Marijuana Company.

Marijuana Company recently transitioned into a revenue-generating cannabis marketing company from R&D. It engages in the sale of hemp-derived CBD products.

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