C-Bond Systems Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBNT)Files 10k. Will The Slide Continue?

C-Bond Systems Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBNT) Filed its 2020 year end 10k after market hours.

Market Info:
C-Bond Systems Inc. closed at .049 Wednesday down 10% after losing .0055 on the day. CBNT volume was heavy for this issuer trading twice its 30-day average volume. Shares have been on a steady decline after making a rapid run to .25 in January. The slide did stop today at .031 which was a previous resistance area from October of 2020.

C-Bond Systems Inc. (OTCMKTS:CBNT) 10k highlights:
We are a nanotechnology company and the sole owner, developer and manufacturer of the patented C-Bond technology. We are engaged in the implementation of proprietary nanotechnology applications and processes to enhance properties of strength, functionality and sustainability of brittle material systems. Our present primary focus is in the multi-billion-dollar glass and window film industry with target markets in the United States and internationally. We operate in two divisions: C-Bond Transportation Solutions, which sells a windshield strengthening water repellent solution as well as a disinfection product, and C-Bond Safety Solutions, which sells multi-purpose glass strengthening primer and window film mounting solutions (“C-Bond Secure”), ballistic-resistant film systems (C-Bond BRS”) and disinfection products.

The C-Bond technology enables ordinary glass to dissipate energy by permeating the glass surface and detecting microscopic flaws and defects that are randomly distributed all over the glass surface. C-Bond’s unique qualities then work to locate and repair the identified surface imperfections that weaken the glass composite structure and ultimately act as failure initiators. The C-Bond formula is engineered to maintain original glass design integrity while increasing the mechanical performance properties of the glass unit. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic we created partnerships to distribute disinfection related products, which we began to sell in the second quarter of 2020.

Our Business
Product and Service Offerings
C-Bond’s current products are patented, low-cost technologies that significantly increase the mechanical performance of glass. We have implemented the following product structure integrating a “new strategic product platform” that has enhanced performance capabilities and market reach with a “legacy product platform” that is still generating incremental revenue and earnings.

New Strategic Product Platforms
C-Bond Transportation Windshield Performance Solution
C-Bond nanoShield™ is a patented, nanotechnology, windshield glass strengthening and hydrophobic (water repellent) all-in-one performance system. It is designed to improve windshield safety and performance by increasing windshield chip and crack resistance and improving windshield visibility in wet weather conditions to provide extended driver reaction time. We believe that C-Bond nanoShield is unique in the market and that the product has no direct competitors. With C-Bond nanoShield, we intend to create new markets and channels in the aftermarket automotive windshield segment, including fleets, automotive dealers, and service providers.

Disinfectant Products
On May 20, 2020, we entered into a two-year Distributor Agreement with an entity where we were appointed as a distributor to exclusively sell MB-10 Disinfectant Tablets for use in certain markets. MB-10 Disinfectant Tablets are the most convenient way yet to deliver the benefits of chlorine dioxide to hygiene or biosafety programs. MB-10 disinfectant tablets have one of the broadest, most complete EPA registration labels on the market. It is a safe, easy and effective way to disinfect a vehicle’s interior using an EPA registered disinfectant (Reg No.70060-19-46269) included on List N for use against human coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. It is proven effective against emerging viral pathogens, including enveloped and large and small non-enveloped viruses. MB-10 Tablets provide fast-acting virus and bacteria protection that is safe for all vehicle surfaces including LED screens and electronics without leaving a residue or odor. We were appointed as a distributor to exclusively sell MB-10 Disinfectant Tablets for use in the following markets:
● Automotive, Trucking, RV, rental agencies (auto and truck), service vehicles (taxi, Uber, Lyft), mass transit (train, buses), golf carts, aviation, train, marine (potential future growth)
● School facilities and buses
● Dealerships
● Global Distribution
● Service Providers
● Transportation Detailing

Keep an eye on CBNT to see if this was a bottom traders were looking for or the stock continues to sell-off.

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