SOHM Inc (OTCMKTS:SHMN) Set To Acquire A New Pharmaceutical Company After Signing A Letter Of Intent

SOHM Inc (OTCMKTS:SHMN) is pleased to announce the purchase of a Pharmaceutical company located in Southern California. It confirms that it signed a Letter of Intent to win the new acquisition, terming it a great addition to its assets.

Mr. Baron speaks out on the latest move

The CEO of SOHM, Mr. Baron Night, seems pleased with the company’s latest move in his recent speech. The official spoke about how they continue channeling their resources and efforts in their products’ marketing and manufacturing activities. SOHM deals in Cosmeceuticals, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, and Personal care products. The company undertakes most of its business operations within the United States.

Mr. Night applauds SOHM for its successful acquisition of the Southern California company, terming the move a logical expansion focused on building its brand name. He recognizes the fast growth within the OTC and the generic prescription pharmaceutical segment in the United States, outlining that such change inspires them to strive to remain at the top of their game. The new acquisition is one of several the company eyes in the future as part of its business growth and expansion goals.

Need for due diligence

Mr. Night regards this possible acquisition to be a tremendous step forward for the company but reminds the shareholders about due diligence as a responsibility. He says that the company is doing all within its means to speed up the process, outlining that success in this direction will enable them to set up an outstanding distribution network in the various states.

SOHM will utilize its Southern California manufacturing facility to develop its diverse products. The plan is to undertake all manufacturing activities in-house. Night believes that the company’s latest undertakings will guarantee it increased profits soon.

SOHM aspires to achieve massive business growth and stability and hopes that bringing together the two companies’ strengths will make things work out.

Mr. Night calls refers to the new deal as one of SOHM’s organic takeovers. According to the leader, they must observe due diligence, and everything must happen on a cash basis. SOHM focuses on its push for due diligence, after which it will make its definitive agreement pronouncement.

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