Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc.’s (OTCMKTS:AITX) Robotic Assistance Devices Subsidiary Seeing Enhanced Deployment Of Its Solutions; was up 5.2%

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc. (OTCMKTS:AITX) has announced that its subsidiary Robotic Assistance devices Inc. has received an order from one of its authorized dealers for 3-unit ROSA (Responsive Observation Security Agent) systems.

RAD receives order for ROSA systems

The end-user for the ROSA systems is a luxury automobile manufacturer, although the company didn’t disclose this. ROSA system is a self-contained, compact communication and security solution easily deployed within 15 minutes. Robotics Assistance devices indicate that there has been a growing deployment of ROSA in recent months.

St Moritz Security deploying RAD solutions

Also, the company received a 5-unit order from St Moritz Security Services, a recently signed authorized dealer. St Moritz CEO Matthew Schwartz said that it is barely a month since they signed to be RAD authorized dealer, and they knew there would be opportunities where they could use RAD solutions. Schwartz said that they are happy with the rate at which clients have embraced the RAD solution, ready for deployment.

Anthony Brenz appointed RAD CFO.

Recently RAD appointed Anthony Brenz to the newly created CFO position. RAD CEO Steve Reinharz said that they are delighted to have Brenz be part of the team as it expands and executes its growth strategy. Reinharz said that Brenz has tremendous experience in building shareholder value and will be vital as the company grows and evaluates uplisting options.

Brenz said that he is delighted to join RAD as the company increases its momentum. He noted that RAD is an exceptional tech with a robust business model and a fantastic team which he is looking to help accelerate growth and enhance shareholder value.

US airport to deploy RAD solutions

A major airport in the US is poised to implement RAD Solution. The airport authority will deploy the ROSA and SCOT units at various airports. Reinharz said that they see an uptick in enthusiasm and interest in RAD solutions. He added that the significance of the airport and how RAD units will be helpful could not be overstated.

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