ILUS International Inc. (OTCMKTS:ILUS) Continues To Enhance Its Portfolio With Acquisitions As It Launches ILUS Coin; Was up 1.56%

ILUS International Inc. (OTCMKTS:ILUS) has announced the launch of its much anticipated ILUS Coin. The coin will significantly help save assets and lives in areas that may not afford the capital costs of acquiring vital equipment. At the same time, it will bring expected coin rewards to holders.

ILUS Coin launches

The company is bringing the ILUS coin to the market through a brand license financing initiative between ILUS international and Toto Capital. Interestingly, ILUS is an M & M&A company focusing on the acquisition and development of tech-based companies worldwide. On the other hand, Toto Capital is boutique finance with tremendous experience in the crypto and creative financing strategies fields.

The revolutionary ILUS Coin has a multifaceted strategy of saving assets and lives and making the world safer. At the same time, the coin delivers upside and rewards to ILUS Coin holders and adds value to the supply chain. Most importantly, it is among the few crypto coins connected to proven value-adding lifesaving products.

ILUS partners with Takeleap

The company has created several tech partnerships to expand its footprint globally and create tech integrations. The latest partnership is with Takeleap, a leader developing AI, machine learning, virtual reality, and augmented reality training. Takeleap delivers AR, VR & AI solutions to several government entities and organizations globally, and its tech has been vital to most iconic global brands. The company has developed and implemented AR experiences for customers such as IKEA, Hyundai, Toyota, and Porsche.

ILUS appoints new Marketing Director

ILUS completed two acquisitions in Q1 2021, and it is on track to finalize another two acquisitions in Q2 2021. With the number of acquisitions growing, the company is seeking to build the Marketing Department to integrate with its acquisition, communicate the tech capability and vision of each company and offer continuous quality interaction with shareholders. As a result, the company has appointed Dejana Radonjic as the new Marketing Director. Dejana is a marketing expert with a proven track record in marketing and branding in her previous roles in various companies.

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