Healthier Choices Management Corp (OTCMKTS:HCMC) Offers Healthy Daily Choices For Consumers

Healthier Choices Management Corp (OTCMKTS:HCMC) provides healthy daily options to consumers regarding lifestyle alternatives and nutrition.

The product line of Healthier Choices

Healthier Choices manages retail vape stores in the southern US. Its product portfolio consists of vaporizers, e-liquids, and related products.

Healthier Choices manages organic and natural grocery store – Ada’s Natural market through Healthy Choice Markets, Inc, its wholly-owned subsidiary. Paradise Health and Nutrition stores provide fresh produce, packaged groceries, bulk foods, frozen foods, baked goods, seafood, and deli. Healthier Choices also sells supplements and vitamins through online stores.

Seafood is rich in nutrients like B-complex vitamins, vitamin B, and vitamin A. Tuna strengthens bones because it is rich in Vitamin D. Omega-3 acids in seafood promote brain growth in children and infants. It also improves cognitive function in aged women.

Reintroduces supplements and vitamins

Healthier Choices reintroduced supplements and vitamins store online at TheVitaminStore. The company took over this store as part of Melbourne, Florida, based 3 Paradise Health & Nutrition branded stores.

Previously, Healthier Choices sold vitamins and supplements only through Fort Myers, FL, based organic grocery store. Now, it features Vitamins and supplements under the brand Ada’s first time at online stores.

The customers can purchase chef-prepared and ready-to-eat foods like 100% organic juice & smoothie bar from Ada’s. They can also buy Greenleaf Grill fast-casual, flagship product to satisfy their taste buds and fill the stomach. Healthier Choices is committed to ensuring the supply of high-quality and organic foods for health-conscious consumers.

Raises a capital of $2.5 million

Healthier Choices raised $2.5 million through debt financing for its PPE initiative on August 24, 2020. CEO of Healthier Choices, Jeff Holman, said the funding would allow the company to supply on the ground PPE. It helps the company to offer economic products in smaller lots to the price-sensitive customers.

IP suite in Canada and the US

Healthier Choices owns an IP suite comprising patents issued in Canada and the US.

The patents focus on imitation or synthetic nicotine compositions and safe vaping technology, methods, and production processes. Healthier Choices plans to expand its IP suite through innovation later.

Healthier Choices established HCMC Intellectual Property Holdings, LLC as a wholly-owned auxiliary to market and kept its IP assets.

HCMC Intellectual Property Holdings will hold trademarks, patents, and other IPs of Healthier Choices.

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