HIPS Takes Advantage of Smart Contracts Brining POS Transaction To Consumers

If you’ve ever had dinner out, it’s likely you paid for the evening’s festivities by handing your debit or credit card to the merchant without a second thought about security or the inner workings of a POS (point of sale) transaction, and that’s the way it should be, but until now, using Bitcoin or any crypto to complete a POS transaction at local eateries or any retailer was problematic at best.

HIPS promises to change that inconvenience using Blockchain technology, and you’ll want to (at the least) take a considered look at HIPS Merchant Protocol (HMP) which is a bold step toward making crypto accepted by the mainstream.

HMP’s goal is to allow consumers to use a debit card to pay for POS purchases. At the time of writing, Ethereum, Cardano (ADA), or Solana use blockchain technology to create “smart contracts”, which are needed to complete POS transactions.

The concept is in place, it’s the speed and ease of use that is promised since none of us want to wait more than moments for our transaction to complete, with the latter being of particular importance.

The idea is to bring the security and safety of traditional card transactions to the ever-widening world of Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Blockchain is already in place and runs the world of crypto daily, smart contracts are the key and if they can run safely, securely, and with consumers in mind, HIPS may be a smart play for both short and long-term profits.

Smart contracts currently run on Ethereum, Cardano (ADA), or Solana with the latter being of particular interest.

HIPS promises to operate with the speed, security, and ease of use currently enjoyed by millions of worldwide users. Should the coin rise to its potential, it would be “one small step for the consumer, and one giant leap for the global acceptance of crypto as a mainstream form of payment.


John Cavebring

Emil Lundvall

Axel Arvidsson


Exchange listing

12 July 2021

  • Launchpad ICO Start 1 April 2021
  • Launchpad ICO Start

Listing on Uniswap

Coin supply


Seed supporters 8,000,000 MTO 8%
10% unlocked after ICO

90% over two years

Private-sale participants 5,000,000 MTO 5%

25% available after initial ICO
75% over following 6 months
Team & advisors 11,000,000 MTO 11%

100% after four years from ICO

Strategic Partnerships 13,000,000 MTO 13%

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