Will Investview Hit its High of $0.79 After Posting Highest Net Income in its History?

The fourth quarter was a great turn for Investview, Inc. (OTCMKTS: INVU), specifically about the company’s preliminary financial results. It achieved record net revenue, record global revenues, and net income. 

SAFETek on an upward trend

Investview has been focusing on Bitcoin mining operations, and it has made major steps forward in this regard. It admits that its optimization operations have been paying off and attributes the outstanding growth to this effort, among others. It speaks out about the new generation of digital assets and its impact on Bitcoin mining operations.

Investview is probably making all the right moves, considering its revenue growth margins this time around. The Bitcoin Mining Revenue figure stood at about $3.43M, which happens to be the first time SAFETek is hitting such a high notch. In other words, the figure represents a 10.6% rise in April. It was a shift from what the company achieved in March, a figure of about $3.1M in gross revenue.

Romano’s perspective on the performance

Investview’s Director of Finance Mario Romano seems impressed by its performance and is quick to term it a historic performance. 

Romano spoke about the achievement of about $40.1 million gross revenue for FY 2020 and a whopping $18 million for Q4. The above results represent revenue growths of 53% and 291%, respectively. Q4 net income was $6 million representing 147% increase YoY, highest in company’s history.

One could also look at the business performance from a yearly performance perspective, in which case SAFETek moved higher by a 23.8% margin. This outlined percentage represented a shift from a figure of about $2.77M that the company attained in the opening of 2021. 

SAFETek seems to like its gross profit margin figures, and a shift from January’s 65.3% to April’s 81.9% is for sure a desirable change. The four-month period represents what is achievable if SAFETek makes all the right business moves. Raising a figure of about $1.8M reported in January by a 55.2% margin tells of accompanying that pressed all the “right buttons.” The company’s gross profit figures in March stood at $2.4M. The gross profits expanded in March, with the company reaching its new record high standing at $2.8M.

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