Discovery Minerals Ltd (OTCMKTS: DSCR) Stock Has Been On An Exceptional Run; What’s Next?

Discovery Minerals Ltd (OTCMKTS: DSCR) has performed exceptionally this year after it rose from triple zero low at the end of 2020. The stock has emerged as a favorite among investors, becoming the most talked about and actively searched small-cap stocks. 

DSCR is currently under heavy accumulation, and it has been on an upward trajectory with the number of investors buying is growing. On Tuesday, the stock was trading at $8 million in dollar volume, and it appears like it will blaze the path alongside the likes of Tesoro and Enzolytics to break into a new dimension. 

DSCR to acquire Ruby Mining 

The trigger for the DSCR was the Sierra Gold LLC agreement for the acquisition of the Ruby Mining claims, where the company expects to start mining operations. Ruby Mining is gold-bearing Tertiary channels that have reportedly produced more than 250,000 gold ounces. Most importantly, the Ruby is famous for producing jewelers-grade gold with the biggest gold lump weighing 17 pounds or 2021 ounces. There are approximately 134,844 gold ounces available for discovery from identified channels through the current Ruby infrastructure. Placer is the mining buried watercourse at the Ruby riverbed, and there are almost 3.5 miles of river channels on the Ruby claims the company will mine. On Tuesday, the company confirmed completing an externally successful trip and a meeting with The Ruby Mine geologist. 

Discovery Minerals is a development and acquisition company that targets cutting-edge tech and natural resource opportunities through subsidiaries. Its board has established that the company should continue with such activities focusing on positive cash flow projects. The company finalized the deal to acquire Ruby Mine last month. Geologists have commenced 3-D modeling of the property with geological assessment and evaluation also in progress. 

Discovery Minerals to develop Discovery Gold Coins

The company has engaged Alt 5 Sigma to develop its Discovery Coin and Payment Gateway. Alt 5 Sigma will mint 210 million Discovery Gold Coins and help in payment processing, merchant payment gateway deployment, and secondary listing. 

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