RTEC has Been Soaring In Recent Weeks; here is Why?

Investors are warming up to 2 Retech Corp (OTCMKTS: RETC) stock with recent trading of six and seven digital buys. Wednesday’s trading volume topped $9 million on dollar volume with over a billion shares traded. The stock is among the most talked about and searched small-cap stocks with a record of 1,500 shareholders. 

George Sharp filed for RTEC’s custodianship. 

The trigger for the stock to soar came after the reverse takeover RM Whizz George Sharp file for 2 Retech’s custodianship. Sharp sprung to popularity in the historic TSNP rise to multi dollars to trade hundreds of millions in volume per day. Currently, RETC has massive liquidity, and top small-cap traders are betting on it, waiting for another TSNP style run. 

The company updated shareholders recently, stating that its next tech will be contactless. The RETC management indicated that they are working on a killer mobile app with much allure to consumers, build brands, and generate growth. Most importantly, with much competition in the space, the company didn’t offer details about the app until it launches the beta version. RETC is a holding firm with subsidiaries selling, developing, and installing software that they believe will revolutionize retail for retailers and shoppers. 

RTEC streamlined its operations into two units following the pandemic 

In 2019, RETC acquired 12 retail outlets in casinos and airports to solidify its position as an Omni-channel operator. Owning physical stores allows RETC to deploy its latest software in the US and show its effectiveness to attract consumers to induce them into buying. Following the impact of the pandemic, RETC chose to consolidate its operations to two entities, 12 Retail Corporation and 12 Tech Inc. 

12 Tech offers tech solutions online and in physical locations to help retailers attract customers, streamline operations, reduce overhead expenses and gain more revenue. The solutions are popular in Asia, and the company plans to deploy them in the US retail markets. Also, 12 Retail has two operating units, Bluwire Group, which operates retail stores in casinos and airports, and 12 fashion Group, which runs the fashion wholesale including Social Sunday, Rune NYC, Emotion Fashion Group, and Red Wire Design. 

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