CURE Pharmaceutical Holding Corp (OTCMKTS:CURR) Releases Positive Pharmacokinetics Results For Its Erectile Dysfunction Product

CURE Pharmaceutical Holding Corp (OTCMKTS:CURR)  has announced results from the initial Pharmacokinetics/ bioequivalence CUREfilm Blue(TM) studies. The company will now continue the clinical program with the aim of received approval from the US FDA. 

CUREfilm Blue™ treats erectile dysfunction. 

The studies were for its CUREfilm Blue™ erectile dysfunction product. The product leveraged the company’s novel and patented fast-dissolving drug delivery platform called CUREfilm™ to deliver sildenafil citrate, the active pharmaceutical ingredient. Interestingly, innovating beyond the conventional pharmaceutical delivery of solutions and pills, the company is advancing an exceptionally convenient, discrete, and portal product that can enable one to attain a better experience. 

Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Vered Gigi said that the results validated the company’s oral soluble film dosage form and established the CUREfilm™ delivery technology platform. Similarly, it is an opportunity to offer patients an enhanced experience and avoid the need for swallowing a pill.

Jonatha Berlin, the company’s Chief Business Officer, said that this would be the first among the company’s many pharmaceutical programs specialties. Berlin said that they are delighted with the results, and now they are accelerating partnering initiatives with an eye towards commercialization. 

CURE receives expanded US DEA License for psychedelics research 

Recently, the company announced the securing of an extension to its Schedule I DEA license allowing it to carry research on psychedelics-based drugs using MDMA, LSD, and psilocybin as possible mental health disorders treatments. This license will enable Cure to carry fully integrated research using its patented delivery platform and compounds to develop innovations that can address unmet patient needs. Companies with the necessary qualifications and research protocols receive Schedule I license to handle drug substances with high potential for medical use and no accepted medical use. 

Rob Davidson, the CURE CEO, said that the license would allow the company to build its previously announced psychedelics program, thus expand CURE’s specialty pharmaceutical pipeline and open new doors to research. Davidson said that the company focuses on using patient solutions, and they are delighted to continue doing so with the expanded license. 

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