Capricor Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: CAPR) Clinches Worldwide Exclusive Rights From Johns Hopkins University For Engineered Exosomes To Develop Therapeutics And Vaccines

Capricor Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: CAPR) received exclusive rights for engineered exosomes from Johns Hopkins University (JHU). The deal allows Capricor to develop therapeutics and vaccines for commercialization across the world.

Expands engineered exosome platform technology

CEO of Capricor, Linda Marbán, said Capricor can now expand its engineered exosome platform technology under an exclusive worldwide license pact with JHU.

The company would deliver proteins or nucleic acids into cells and facilitate functional protein expression by developing this platform. It is a significant milestone for Capircor’s development and paves the way for expanding into disease areas to satisfy unmet needs.

The deal grants exclusive rights to the co-owned interest in the IP (Intellectual Properties) of JHU mentioned in the licensed patent application. It allows Capricor to develop, produce, and commercialize IP associated with exosome technology for therapeutics and vaccines. The company also gets rights to sublicense the IP to other companies.

Stephen Gould, the consultant of Capricor, and Capricor developed this technology after extensive preclinical research. Gould brings an unparalleled experience in exosome engineering to exosome-based R&D programs of Capricor.

Both JHU and Capricor engage in developing technologies for more than 10 years in biotechnology in genetics, cardiovascular, chronic heart failure, and macular diseases.

Linda further said this unique platform allows the company to develop therapeutics for the treatment of various diseases. The foundational data and collaboration with Gould and his team at JHU provide a new path in drug development.

Reports loss

Capricor widened the loss to $4.2 million in Q4 2020 from $1.4 million in Q4 2019. Its loss in 2020 is $13.7 million. The company holds CE (Cash Equivalents) and a cash balance of $32.7 million at the end of 2020.

Capricor raised a capital of $22.9 million through its market offering program. The company’s cash, CE, and marketable securities would be sufficient to progress its development programs until Q1 2023.

Linda commenting on the results of Q4 2020 and 2020, said the company achieved remarkable progress in clinical-stage cell therapy programs for COVID-19 and Duchenne muscular dystrophy. It also reported significant progress in engineered exosome platform technology.

The company appointed Gould as an executive consultant for guiding the development of engineered exosome platform technology. It also developed the innovative multi-antigen vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 to validate the technology. The vaccine candidate can demonstrate a good immune response to several SARS-CoV-2 proteins. Capricor expects to move the vaccine into the clinics in 2021 on receiving regulatory approval.

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