What Will Ilustrato Pictures International Inc (OTCMKTS:ILUS) Do?

Market Action

ILUS was down 0.88% closing at $0.068 on a volume of 20.12 million shares. While its average volume sits at 24.10 million shares and has a market cap of $666.82 million. The stock traded in the range of $0.0630 to $0.0735. While it has hit a 52-week high low of $0.1900 and $0.0010 respectively.

ILUS Releases News

  • Ilustrato Pictures International is currently undergoing audits so to be fully reporting. 
  • The name change will commence once Form 10 is effective. The company has also submitted an application to have a Cease Trade Order lifted which was applied in Canada in 2012/13 to the Canadian authorities. The documents have been supplies and ILUS expects Cease Trade Order to be lifted in the near future.
  • The company has already made 3 acquisitions in 2021 and aims at opening a facility in India and its first facility in USA before the end of summer 2021. 
  • The launch of ILUS coin in pre-sale stage was a success for the company as it will be releasing its 1st quarter results on 16th May 2021. 

Trader Notes 

ILUS has managed to trade above its 10-day MA of $0.068 but it is still below its 50-Day MA and 100-Day MA of $0.071 and $0.081 respectively. The RSI of 43.02 is also displaying a sell indicator.

Like so many OTC stocks, ILUS had its big run in February and has traded lower/sideways since. Maybe there will be some good news coming to get this stock moving again.

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