New Low Ahead? Metrospaces Inc (OTCMKTS:MSPC)?

Metrospaces Inc (OTCMKTS:MSPC) is moving down by double digits in the morning session on Friday.

Market Action

As of 10:59, MSPC stock fell 28.57% to $0.001. Total volume for the session stood at 978.90 million shares, well above its average volume of 194.54 million shares. After opening at $0.0015, the stock has moved within range of $0.0010 – 0.0015

MSPC Releases Shareholder Letter

Metrospaces Issues May 2021 Shareholder Letter

  • The Company starts off 2021 with one of its best economic situations since inception. After a very difficult 2019 and 2020, the company sees once-in-a-generation opportunities to reinvent and reinvigorate the real estate market with specialized platforms and other technologies, notably in IoT, AI, Blockchain and others.
  • We are already well advanced in the launching of new services as well as acquisition conversations that the Company will be announcing in due time. However, here is a previous look at specific platform launches as well as acquisitions we are in different stages of negotiations
  • During the last few weeks, we have been steadily paying off our convertible lenders and/or converting them into common stock in order to clean up our balance sheet. Market conditions have allowed us to convert into common stock prices of >$0.06 with a fixed number of shares issued.
  • The company is in early-stage acquisition negotiations with a start-up company that is developing a document signature product/service focused on the real estate market (mortgage lender, real estate brokers).
  • The company is currently revamping and restructuring its management team. We are under negotiations and conversation with tech-savvy entrepreneurs that will join our team in taking Metrospaces to its new frontier. We have some very exciting prospects, that we will be announcing in due time.
  • Our accountants have delivered all due financial disclosures through 12/31/20 and we expect to receive 3/31/21 by mid-next week. In parallel, our attorneys have begun the review process in order to deliver the legal opinion to become “Current” status with OTC Markets. We see as a very strong possibility to have all that done within 10 days.

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