Is The Move Over? Mind Medicine Inc (NASDAQ:MNMD)

Mind Medicine (MindMed) Inc (NASDAQ:MNMD) stock went down sharply on Friday following a sudden jump in Thursday’s trading session.

Market Action

MNMD stock fell 9.74% to close at $3.43. More than 10.13 million shares traded hands for the session, compared to its 30-day average volume of 6.67 million shares. The stock opened at $3.65 and moved within a wide range of $ 3.4000 – 3.8200 on Friday.

MNMD Release News This Week

May 18, 2021 – The Chopra Foundation and MindMed Enter Into Letter of Intent to Partner on the Future of Psychedelic Medicines & Mental Wellbeing

  • MNMD announced it has entered into a letter of intent to partner with The Chopra Foundation to educate and build public awareness around the use of psychedelic medicines to treat mental illness, remove outdated stigmas, and ultimately research mental wellbeing approaches that can be used in psychedelic related psychotherapy.
  • The two organizations plan to design and conduct research together surrounding altered states of consciousness, psychedelic psychotherapy, and their overall impact on mental wellbeing. Beyond psychedelics, as part of this research, MindMed intends to explore ways for therapists to integrate evidence-based digital therapeutics and digital measurement technology into their routine practice.
  • In addition, MindMed and the Chopra Foundation plan to advance research that targets understanding the role that the mind-body connection, metabolic health, psychedelics, and deeper understandings of consciousness can play into maintenance of overall wellbeing and mental health.

Trader Notes

Share Information

SHARE FLOAT (%)308.79 M (90.46%)

Recent Stock Performance

5-DAY PERF.+6.19%
1-MONTH PERF.+56.88%
3-MONTH PERF.-13.82%
6-MONTH PERF.+174.40%
YTD PERF.+12.46%
1-YEAR PERF.+716.67%

Moving Averages

+/- EMA(20)3.32 (+3.31%)
+/- SMA(50)2.99 (+14.72%)
+/- SMA(200)2.13 (+61.03%)

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