Buy It or Sell It? Vinco Ventures (NASDAQ:BBIG)

Vinco Ventures (NASDAQ: BBIG) is moving up in pre-market trading on Tuesday following big jump last week.

Market Action

As of 8:31, BBIG stock jumped $.05 or 1.41% to $3.60 on moderate volume of 106K shares. yesterday, the stock was down about 6%. The stock has surged about 55% over the past 2-week.

BBIG Latest News

Vinco Ventures, Inc. Announces Exclusive NFT Album by Mega Hit Artist Tory Lanez

  • BBIG announced that its subsidiary, Emmersive Entertainment, is set to release an exclusive NFT from superstar rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer Tory Lanez. Tory, who is known for his out of the box creativity, is working in conjunction with Emmersive Entertainment on a creative campaign that is poised to make history with his new album of original songs and accompanying artwork. Being a pioneer in the NFT space, Tory has developed his career as a creative disruptor. Tory’s NFT album will be available exclusively on the upcoming Emmersive Entertainment platform.
  • Tory became an early equity holder of Emmersive Entertainment because he understood the value of having ownership and the ability to operate under the business-to-business model, which is in line with his overall vision for his Forever Umbrella entertainment company that has thrived under his leadership independently.

Tory Lanez stated, “Countless people have attempted to enter the NFT space after my success with the format,but didn’t understand what it was. They treated it as a money grab instead of learning how best to utilize the technology.” David J. Kovacs, Co-Founder of Emmersive Entertainment, as well as Co-Founder of First Contact Entertainment, a leading virtual reality video game company that includes Call of Duty veterans, added, “Tory’s transcendental forward thinking, and laser focused vision was a perfect synergy for us. There are very few people on Earth with his gift. When you combine that talent and vision with the marketing power that Vinco can access through Lomotif, it’s a clear winner. With 10’s of millions of active users we can market our proprietary E-NFT’s to a targeted audience not only nationwide but worldwide as well.”

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