What’s Up with American Battery Metals Corp (OTCMKTS:ABML)

American Battery Metals Corp (OTCMKTS:ABML) continues to trade higher for the fourth consecutive session.

Market Action

As of 9:40, ABML stock is trading up by 6.72% to $2.54. The stock has witnessed a very unusual volume with 22.36 million shares, 4.60X its average volume of 4.87 million. The stock has moved within a range of 2.2700 – 2.6200 after opening the trade at $2.39.

ABML Issues News Today

American Battery Metals Corporation and Cicle ChargeParks Form Strategic Partnership for Electric Vehicle Battery Recycle Program

  • ABML announced today a strategic partnership to create the first-of-its-kind centralized service operations for collection and recycling of electric vehicle batteries at Cicle EV ChargeParks. The ventures will team up to meet heightened consumer demand as all leading global automakers and truck fleets transition to electric mobility.
  • The strategic partnership solves a critical renewable energy supply problem for the fast-growing EV ecosystem.
  • The growth of electric vehicles has so far relied on environmentally unfriendly and inefficient local power grids to supply energy for recharging short-range batteries in cars and trucks. The ABTC & Cicle ChargeParks collaboration creates a practical and highly advanced renewable energy technology solution.
  • Cicle ChargeParks patent-pending infrastructure is designed to recharge consumer EV’s efficiently as well as house multiple ABTC collection points and operations across North America. ABTC may then collect the spent and damaged EV batteries and other lithium-ion products for recycling and core metals processing. Results: Cicle clean, safe & rapid EV charging facilities working collaboratively with ABTC green extraction and processing of metal battery components used to build high-range EV batteries that will drive the electric vehicle revolution.

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