Is The Move Over? Portman Ridge Finance Corporation (NASDAQ:PTMN)

Portman Ridge Finance Corporation (NASDAQ:PTMN) stock went down on Tuesday. The stock has witnessed a gradual rise in the stock price since early January and now trading close to its 52-week high. The stock has surged 25% so far this year and just 5% away from its 52-week high of $2.46.

Portman Ridge Finance Corporation and Harvest Capital Credit Corporation Announce Election Deadline for HCAP Stockholders to Elect Form of Consideration

  • PTMN announced that the deadline (the “Election Deadline”) for HCAP’s stockholders of record to elect to receive cash consideration in lieu of shares of PTMN common stock in connection with the pending merger of PTMN and HCAP (the “Merger”) is 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time, on June 2, 2021.
  • The Election Deadline is based on PTMN’s and HCAP’s expectation that HCAP’s special meeting of stockholders to approve matters relating to the Merger will be held as scheduled on June 7, 2021.
  • The terms of the proposed Merger are set forth in the Agreement and Plan of Merger (the “Merger Agreement”), dated as of December 23, 2020, by and among PTMN, Rye Acquisition Sub Inc., a direct wholly-owned subsidiary of PTMN, HCAP, and Sierra Crest Investment Management LLC, the external investment adviser to PTMN (“Sierra Crest”).
  • If the Merger is consummated, among other transactions, HCAP will merge with and into PTMN, with the combined company to be managed by Sierra Crest, an affiliate of BC Partners Advisors L.P. The completion of the Merger is subject to satisfaction or waiver or certain customary closing conditions contained in the Merger Agreement, including receipt of the requisite approval from HCAP stockholders.
  • Under the terms of the Merger Agreement, if the Merger is completed, HCAP stockholders (other than HCAP, PTMN and their subsidiaries) will be entitled to receive, in the aggregate:
  • a cash payment from Sierra Crest of $2.15 million in the aggregate, or approximately $0.36 per share of HCAP common stock, plus
  • consideration per share equal to HCAP’s net asset value per share as of a date within two days prior to closing, funded using shares of PTMN’s common stock (valued at 100% of PTMN’s net asset value per share as of the same date within two days prior to the closing of the Merger) and, to the extent the required number of PTMN shares exceeds 19.9% of the issued and outstanding shares of PTMN common stock immediately prior to the Merger closing, cash consideration in the amount of such excess (the “PTMN Consideration”).

Market Action

On Tuesday, PTMN stock decreased 4 cents or 1.70% to end the session at $2.31.

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