Is The Rally Real? UnderSea Recovery (OTCMKTS:UNDR)

The UnderSea Recovery Corporation (OTCMKTS:UNDR) stock was one of the biggest gainers on Thursday and ended up with gains of as much as 300%. The stock made those gains on the back of massive trading volumes.

Yesterday, the trading volume stood at 150 million shares, which is far higher than the than the average volume of only 2.43 million shares in the UnderSea stock. The company is involved in exploring, locating and recovering shipwrecks. In this way UnderSea also helps in salvaging important artefacts that might have been lost forever.

However, it is also necessary to point out that the company is also involved in selling those artefacts on its own. On top of that, UnderSea also sells its intellectual property in relation to those revered items for merchandise, books, television shows. In light of the sort of gains made by the stock yesterday, it could be a good move for investors to keep the UnderSea stock in their watch lists at this point.

Moving Averages

+/- EMA(20)0.0047 (+163.83%)
+/- SMA(50)0.0045 (+175.56%)
+/- SMA(200)0.0047 (+163.83%)

Pivot Points

NameS3S2S1Pivot PointsR1R2R3

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