Healthy & Tasty Brands Corp (OTCMKTS:GRLT) Pronounces Its Q1 2021 Financial Results

The stock Healthy & Tasty Brands Corp (OTCMKTS:GRLT) increased by a margin of  2.27% to finally settle at $0.0022.This company has pronounced its Q1 2021 financial outcomes together with some of its planned progressive moves. 

Company’s strategic moves

Analysts have applauded the company’s strategic plan, terming it an outstanding roadmap to hitting its business targets. It was back on February 15, 2021, that the company published its strategic plan, and the rest of the important activities like the signings are ongoing. 

One of the company’s top priorities happens to be the signing of a long-term lease that will enable it to move swiftly in the unveiling of “The Pretzel Haus”. 

The company projects that The Pretzel Haus will interest many people, with about 75,000 cars catching a glimpse of it on the way to and from work. It might also interest most of the interested parties including the investors to learn that the location will cater for both indoor and outdoor seating. Persons interested in the enclosed outdoor patio also stand to benefit from the service delivery in the locations. 

Funding and usage

The Q1 2021 financial reports have been delivered in a rather elaborate way, with the company pointing to Q1 and which was associated with a figure of about $35,000 in cash. It spoke about the Q1 and its fixed-rate funding agreement represented by a figure of about $75,000. 

The company looks forward to brighter times ahead as it anticipates a more impressive Q2. It hopes to accumulate a cash flow investment oscillating between $75,000 and $90,000.  This company continues its focus on its developmental agenda and hopes to secure enough funding to open up a second location. 

It is already making plans on the usage of received funds, asserting that the amounts will be channeled towards the unveiling of new locations. Part of the funds will also help in running the operations in the first location. 

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