KYN Capital Group Inc (OTCMKTS:KYNC) supports businesses with the unveiling of Koinfoldpay

The stock of KYN Capital Group Inc (OTCMKTS:KYNC)  shot up by a 21.14% margin to eventually settle at $0.015.This new product happens to be a contactless crypto payment to support businesses and marks a start point for them to receive Litecoin, Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum in online transactions. 

Gaining a competitive edge

Freelancers and eCommerce businesses stare at an outstanding opportunity upon the activation of payments on their invoices. They gain the sort of competitive advantage that they have never enjoyed before. Most analysts agree that Crypto is the future of business transactions, but they also acknowledge the significance of Koinfoldpay.

KYN Capital Group Inc has also spoken about its plan to enter a letter of intent with one of the best-performing companies dealing in the provision of healthcare services. The New Jersey healthcare provider has been offering some wide-ranging services including Alzheimer’s Care, Dementia Care, 24-hour care, companion care, personal care, homemaker’s services, and transportation.

Service delivery

The last previous census highlighted important data about the country’s population in terms of the age brackets. About 8,000 people are approaching 65 years every passing day. The other interesting bit of data has to do with the “babyboomers” who will have hit the senior age bracket by the time 2030 arrives. It is a rather intriguing moment that calls for quick action in terms of improving the private in-home care services to handle the increasing aging population. 

The CEO of KYN Phil Sands has promised shareholders that he will keep them posted about any moves the company will be making. 

A lot is going on including the pronouncement of the newest Koinfold™ Suite’s component which happens to be the Koinfold™ Debit Card. The latest component is set to be incorporated into the Koinfold™ account of the users. 

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