What’s Ahead For GNCC Capital Inc (OTCMKTS: GNCP)?

GNCC Capital Inc (OTCMKTS: GNCP) is up 16.67% and is trading at $0.00070 with a volume of 429k shares. The average volume of shares trading is 513.95 million. The day range of shares is $0.00050 – $0.00070, and the market capitalization of GNCP is $23.88 million. GNCP is running well in the green zone over the past week. There has been a positive change in the net income of the company. GNCC Capital Inc reported -$1.32 million last in 2012 with a 55.84% positive YoY change. 

When the stock started this year, its price remained $0.00, with the volume being 570 million. Over six months, with almost the same share volume (572 million), this stock is $0.00070 and remains in the green graph through the period. Its previous close has been $0.00060. 

Premier Development & Investment, Inc. increasing interest in GNCP

In a significant update, Premier Development & Investment, Inc. (PDIV.PK) also confirmed raising its interest in GNCC Capital, Inc. The former announced that the latter acquired a payable loan amount. The loan is also borrowed from a third party. Premier already has the most significant stake in GNCC Capital. 

This does not signify GNCC’s acquisition but just a business of borrowing and lending. The loan amount borrowed by GNCC is $3,425,081. 

Premier, the largest stakeholder of GNCP

Premier is known for holding Rare Earth Mining Exploration Properties in New Mexico. Additionally, it also has options in Oklahoma for Oil and Gas wells. The company has around 37.68% of the outstanding Common Stock in GNCP, giving Premier indirect access to Gold and Silver Mining Exploration Properties. 

The company holds interest in properties associated with the exploration of Gold & Silver primarily. Its properties include Pearl Spring, White Hills, McCracken, and Yarber Wash. In the present date, GNCC Capital looks for diversification and targeted acquisitions to generate more revenue and cash flow as it moves from Mining Exploration to other spaces. With such development, GNCP sees a rise in share price. 

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