V Group Ord Shs (OTCMKTS: VGID) Becoming A Key Shareholder Of SNTX, Will It Rise Or Drop Down?

V Group Ord Shs (OTCMKTS: VGID) dropped 24% on Thursday and exited the market at $0.0029. Over the year, its day range has remained $0.0021 – $0.0031, with an average trading volume of 111.22 million shares. The company recently updated about incubating revenue generation goals while also spinning off public entities for the shareholders. 

Pumped Fitness CBD spin-off into Suntex Enterprises Inc.

This has been the latest incubation by the company. Suntex Enterprises Ord Shs trade in OTC markets under ticker symbol SNTX. With the final leg of this spin-off, the SNTX shares shall be distributed to the shareholders of VGID. 

FINRA shall facilitate the approval of this incubation. Once this is done, the shares will be released immediately by the Suntex Enterprises transfer agent. The entire process shall reach the completion stage with detailed correspondence with FINRA. The process will make V Group shareholders the most important part of the shareholder base with Suntex Enterprises. 

What does this mean for the investors?

At the moment, the investors might have had mixed emotions about the news, which sent the share price all tipsy. But what does it mean?

This process marks that V Group, Inc. has completed its completion process for the next incubation deal for the starter. Last year, the company management had brought on board the publicly traded entity, and their sole purpose was to spin off Hollywood Star Cuts for an exclusive public company. This public entity needed re-establishment and restructuring. After the process finally got into its completion round, the newly formed Public Entity readily accepted Hollywood Star Cuts. 

The story doesn’t end here. Once Hollywood Star Cuts is nurtured successfully into the Public Entity of its fresh standing, V Group, Inc. shall be going through an audit process to become completely reporting. 

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