Rolls-Royce Holding PLC ADR (OTCMKTS: RYCEY) unveils a multi-million Yacht-inspired Roadster

The stock of Rolls-Royce Holding PLC ADR (OTCMKTS: RYCEY) maintained its position at $1.55. This company is pleased to launch a breathtaking yacht-inspired roadster with some outstanding features. The general public has reacted to the latest developments, and the opinions happen to be diverse.

People expires different opinions about new model

While there is a group that reveres the new design, there is another opining that companies need to focus more on increasing mileage and other aspects that matter. There also happens to be a section of people that like the new design, but seem rather opposed to the high price. They believe that there could be better places to invest such a huge amount of money, like on a real yacht!

Rumors are already in circulation about the possible pricing of the yacht-inspired roadster. There happens to be about three examples of the car, and each might be going for about $10 million as per the rumors.

The company built the Boat Tail in the same platform where it has over the years built the rest of its models. It speaks out about the pricing for the rest of the models, terming all of them to be below the $500,000 mark in terms of the general pricing. The company put a lot of work to come up with the designs, pointing out specifically to the custom coachwork. It confirms that it took it about four years to complete the design and the execution undertakings. 

Outstanding features

The yacht-inspired roadster continues inspiring most of the people with its long, tapering tail. It happens to be a tail made of wood and a stainless steel decking. Some of the people liken the model to a Riva motorboat, adding that it is a remarkable luxury car.

The model’s unusual features continue to perplex a lot of people, for instance the features hidden under the deck. The deck opens up in a butterfly style fashion, showing silver, crystal and porcelain lunch service. There also happens to be some cocktail tables and a refrigerator.

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