Federal National Mortgage Association (OTCMKTS: FNMA) Makes A New Addition To The Global Green Bond Market

Federal National Mortgage Association (OTCMKTS: FNMA) continues to mobilize its resources toward furthering its Green Bond Business growth. The impact of the company’s efforts continues to be felt countrywide, with many people enjoying the sustainable housing the company continues building.

Enhancing lives

Fannie Mae’sGreen Bonds represent the company’s continued attempts to impact lives. The company embarks on a life-changing mission that continues to guarantee better livelihoods among the people. The provision of stable and affordable housing has consistently topped the list of the company’s priorities.Most of the fixed income investors applaud the company’s efforts, terming them relatively progressive.

The Senior Vice President Laurel Davis opines, “We are excited to expand on our progress to help more industry participants take advantage of the opportunities green bonds provide and to further grow an active global green bond market through the quality, transparency, and impact for which Fannie Mae is recognized.”

The 2020 Green Bond Impact Reportestimates what the company has achieved over the past year and its impact. The report unveils the company’s cumulative Green Bond issuances from 2012-2020.

GeMS program

Fannie Mae has also spoken about itsGeMS program and its impact. Many investors. The company speaks out about its M2G pricing and its close link to its 2020 Green Bond Impact Report. A close focus on the report in question makes it possible to note the impact metrics across the company’s single-family and multifamily MBS portfolio.

Analysts applaud the company’s M2G, outlining that the company is taking steps towards the right direction based on its success in unveiling this second GeMS deal of the year.The company’s Green MBS collateral supports the M2G. The company recognizes the various competing green bond investment opportunities and their impact on its business goals.

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