Gentech Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: GTEH) Bearish Over The Month; What’s The Road Ahead?

Gentech Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: GTEH) exited the market at $0.0011, down 15.38% even as it announced closing the acquisition of NXTBAR, LLC, which is a leading natural foods company having solid sales. The stock has remained 31.25% down during the previous week, but since May, GTEH has been 100% up. During the day, the stock traded within the range of $0.0010 – $0.0013. 

NxtBar: A solid addition to the portfolio

NxtBar is an excellent addition to the company’s portfolio with solid sales and product line. It comes to  Gentech Holdings with a momentum of brand growth, verifiable revenue, and a larger distribution footprint. Meanwhile, Gentech Holdings started its high-end service for Coffee subscriptions in early 2020. It is called Secret Javas. GTEH has also closed the acquisition of Sinfit Nutrition that comes on board with a high-end Functional Foods range. 

NxtBar has generated substantial revenue growth for the company while activating over 2000 retailers since it started its inception. There has been a challenging retail scenario since the global pandemic hit the markets. Despite that, NxtBar has come to be known as a brand with the fastest multiplying e-commerce and CPG brands. The revenue-generating brand is going to be an excellent addition to the company’s product line. 

The investors’ column

GTEH comes with a market capitalization of 15.40M USD. Its 52-week high is $0.00020, and the 52-week low is $0.019. GTEH is a penny stock with an average share trading volume of 378.81M. Its primary exchange is OTCMKTS. On Friday, the share traded within a range of $0.0010 – $0.0013. Over the previous year, this stock has gone up 100%, and the same applies to year-to-date tenure. It’s only during the previous week that this stock has dropped by more than 30%. With faster acquisitions of revenue-generating companies, GTEH seems to be in a sturdy position for the times ahead.  

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