Cybin Inc (OTCMKTS: CLXPF) Speaks Out Regarding The Adelia’s Latest Success And Impressive Pre-Clinical Results

Cybin Inc (OTCMKTS: CLXPF) is pleased to pronounce pre-clinical results attained in tests involving proprietary psychedelic molecules. It speaks out rather elaborately regarding its wholly-owned subsidiary Adelia and how it achieved a significant milestone. 

A close focus on the results

The company’s management is happy with the initial results. It has been quick to call them a step towards the right direction in the company’s quest to enhance its pipeline of proprietary novel psychedelic compounds. The study demonstrates how the molecules in question showcase an almost similar performance to the molecules that occur naturally in some particular metrics. 

The recent milestone achievement is a great win for Cybin, which has drawn a clear boundary between itself and the rest of the companies that focus on the naturally occurring psychedelic compounds.

Researchers focused on several pre-clinical observations. They were observations across a vast diversity of proprietary deuterated psychedelic tryptamine molecules. They observed some consistent positive results after they checked their tests against some naturally occurring psychedelic compounds.

Cybin exudes confidence in its latest milestone achievement, terming its significant contribution to expanding its portfolio of differentiated psychedelic-based therapeutics for diverse mental health conditions.

The company aspires to develop leading solutions for therapists and patients. It considers several aspects that it deems favorable to the above-stipulated parties. It mentions cost-effectiveness, simplicity, scalability, and easy access to the various treatments.

Drysdale speaks out

Cybin’s CEO Doug Drysdale opines, “These positive catalysts continue to provide the necessary data required to demonstrate that Cybin’s proprietary deuterated psychedelic molecules potentially carry the same pharmacodynamic properties, safety profiles, potency and receptor targeting as their parent molecules.”

The official discloses the elaborate similarity between the profiles and the parent molecules but moves fast to speak about other related and interesting facts. The official says that the research has been an eye-opener for them, showing them more details about the proprietary molecules. He reveals that the proprietary molecules in question bear some particular characteristics that would qualify as commercially viable.

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