CBD Life Sciences (CBDL) Stock Moves in a Tight Range: How to Trade Now

CBD Life Sciences (OTCMKTS:CBDL) continued to move sideways in the previous trading. Will the stock gain momentum this week?

Market Action

On Wednesday, CBDL stock ended flat at $0.0005 with more than 1.19 billion shares, compared to its average volume of 480.15 million shares. The stock has moved within a range of $0.0004 – 0.0005 after opening the trade at $0.0005.

Major Trigger:

CBD Life Sciences, Inc. (CBDL) Expands Product Line with NEW 3000MG Pain Relief Cream for its Online Store & Amazon

Key Highlights:

  • CBDL announced that the company is yet again expanding its product line with all new pain relief cream.
  • CBD Life Sciences Inc. is now working with a much stronger Pain Relief Cream that is 3000MG compared to our top selling 1200MG cream. President & CEO Lisa Nelson states “Whether you are throwing touchdowns or making big plays in the conference room, you need a CBD cream that can compete. Moreover, you need a CBD topical that can give you immediate relief. Because sometimes your body screams for urgent care.”
  • With 3000mg of CBD, it is always powerful and never causes a psychotropic reaction. This specific CBD Pain Cream is packed full of the benefits of high-quality CBD isolate. It is a premier CBD Pain Relief cream and produces no psychoactive effects. Now you can target your trouble spots immediately and urgently and do so at the source. This product will be available soon in the online store and will be on its way to Amazon!
  • CBD Life Sciences Inc. is targeting customers such as athletes, chiropractors, physicians, and massage therapists. There are many wonderful and mind-blowing medicinal benefits of using CBD creams on the skin. As CBD provides anti-inflammatory properties wither consumed orally or applied topically.

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