It is Easy to Carry a Crypto now

GD Entertainment and Technology Ord Shs (OTCMKTS: GDET) focussing on high growth industries in the Crypto Space, and the company has launched Dual Crypto™ Dreamcard, the world’s first Crypto/Fiat Dual Debit/Credit Card.

Perfect time to launch the cards

The current buzzing currency globally is Cryptocurrency growing day-by-day rapidly, with every increasing vendor/distributor/seller and venue willing to accept it. To make life easy and safe for the consumer/users, the newly launched card Dual Crypto™ Dreamcard, by (OTCMKTS: GDET) allows the user of the card to access multiple accounts from any place in a secured manner.

As per (OTCMKTS: GDET), Dual Crypto™ Dreamcard is first-to-market and right on time for a burgeoning demand for this type of functionality. It allows users to carry their Crypto in “Cold Storage” while having a seamless connection with their wallet for any transaction through the Fiat function of their Dual Crypto™ Dreamcard. The street believes that this card is expected to remain in high demand.

User choose their design

The company offers the users to choose their design for the cards, i.e., they can easily convert their Credit/Debit card for high quality customized metal or 24k Gold card, with several design options based on the user preferences. The card offers a seamless way of transferring data from the existing card to the new card and guaranteeing the process.

To build a brand, the company has designed a prototype card for the MGM Grand Casino. Besides this, the company has also identified effective branding for Internet Influencers who can design an image representing them and sell the card to their followers, with OTCMKTS: GDET receiving a percentage of each card sold. With the card’s launch, it is expected that the visibility of OTCMKTS: GDET, expected to increase rapidly, and this can also support their revenue growth.

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