NioCorp Developments Ltd (OTCMKTS: NIOBF) Reacts to Market Movement

NioCorp Developments Ltd (OTCMKTS: NIOBF) has responded to market action by confirming that it is not conscious of any physical, secret info connected to the company that would account for the recent upsurge in the market price and level of interchange bulk of its common shares.

Metallurgical Apprise

NioCorp has reported that its metallurgical analysis program shows outstanding development in several current areas of emphasis.

Ongoing analysis of Elk Creek Project mineral using High-Pressure Crushing Rolls know-how endures showing auspicious consequences. The technology is an energy-efficient and low-emission substitute for plummeting the size of the ore to permit the retrieval of niobium, scandium, titanium, and probable rare earth yields. 

The use of High-Pressure Crushing Rolls in the Project strengthens the company’s assurance of the location and project for a maintainable operation. 

NioCorp’s metallurgical accessing partner, L3 Process Developments, has finished early test work and studies connected to flowsheet optimization and rare earth retrieval for the project’s deliberate surface dispensation facility. The company endures assessing the consequences of this work as part of the complete exertion to regulate the economics around tallying rare earth retrieval to the project’s flow sheet.

Work is anticipated to commence soon on gathering added significant drill core samples and submitting those examples for rare earth examination to fill gaps in reporting for the rare earth in the company’s drill hole catalog.

The company has finished an internal revision of the markets for rare earth yields, concentrating on the possible growth of those markets driven by the projected demand for the rare magnetic earth and the subsequent long-term prospects of valuing.

The company intends to offer up to 4,195,804 units of the company

NioCorp proposes offering 4,195,804 units at a value of C$1.43 per Unit for gross incomes to the company of up to about C$6.0 million. There is no lowest posing amount.

The valuing of the Units was set at a C$0.01 premium to the five-day Volume Weighted Average Price of NioCorp common shares of C$1.42 based upon the close of interchange on April 16, 2021.

Each Unit will comprise one common share of NioCorp and one common share acquisition security. Each Security will enable the owner to purchase one Common Share at a value of C$1.63 at any time previous to the date, which is two years following the conclusion of the Offering.

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