Global WholeHealth Partners Corp (OTCMKTS:GWHP) Stock Turns Volatile: How to Trade Now?

Global WholeHealth Partners Corp (OTCMKTS:GWHP) on July 29, 2021 announced ithas filed applications for sale through Walmart, Amazon, Ebay and Shopify to be added soon as part of the network. The firm, which gives cutting-edge technology using In-vitro Diagnostic Real-Time PCR Machines for detection of SARS-CoV-2 IgM/IgG antibodies in human serum, plasma, or whole blood, also confirmed that it is well funded for growth, sales as well as expansion.

The terms of the EMC2 Purchase Agreement specifies that the company may direct EMC2 for purchasing about $100,000,000 shares of the company’s common stock under the agreement over a three year period.

This can also be augmented to 2,000,000 shares of the company’s common stock depending on the market price of its stock at the time of sale as well as subject to a maximum commitment by EMC2 of $500,000 per regular purchase per day.

8,578,177 shares of common stock will be the total amount of shares to be sold through the EMC2 agreement.

The company has been fighting against diseases such as ZIKA, Dengue, Influenza, Malaria, TB amongst others with an FDA Certificate of Exportability (2260-11-2019). Founded in 2013, it is headquartered in San Clemente, CA, it has 70 products FDA approved and many are approved for OTC use.

Market Reaction:

On Thursday, GWHP stock fell 3% at $0.3980 with more than 179k shares, compared to its average volume of 253k shares. The stock has moved within a range of $0.3915 – 0.4300 after opening the trade at $0.39. Over the past 52-week, the stock has been trading within a range of $0.2950 – 2.1700.

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