Bots Inc (OTCMKTS:BTZI) Stock Sees Gradual Rise: What’s The Buzz?

Global technology company specialising in Blockchain-based solutions, cybersecurity solutions, crypto consulting, Bots Inc (OTCMKTS:BTZI), on July 27, 2021 announced launch of online marketplace for curated IT ready-made solutions, Cybhub together with Cyber Security Group. 

Online marketplace featuring curated and ready-made software solutions like cybersecurity and malware, Cybhub, the platform is a buffer for scrutinising and audit startups for benefit of investors and clients.

Current monetization strategy of Cybhub is focusing on sales of third-property software of various complexity, alluring investments for startups and custom software development. Leading software developers have started to negotiate with the firm. Global cybersecurity services market may reach $192.70 billion by 2028, according to Grand View Research.

BOTS also announced finishingfirst generation ofdogecoin miner designed for working with AIRDOGE Limited edition, patented air purifiers developed by Kronos Advanced Technologies.

The firm is developing private dogecoin mining pool which will be opened for Airdoge miners. Pools are done for combining processing power over a network and split reward equally.

Kronos Advanced Technologies was first ever publicly-traded company to accept DogeCoin.

Michael Rubinov, Kronos CEO, said that AirDOGE is not a typical air purifier and replaces the old fashioned HEPA filter with washable collecting plates.

Rubinov also said that it is a great option for waste-conscious consumers. Accepting Dogecoin made into windfall as it was lower than 5 cents per coin.

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