Kronos Advanced Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:KNOS) Stock Gains Momentum: What Next?

Global technology company specializing in Blockchain-based solutions including decentralized finance applications, BOTS, announced on August 13, 2021 finishing of the first generation of dogecoin miner designed for working with AIRDOGE  patented air purifiers developed by Kronos Advanced Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:KNOS), an innovation-driven product development, and production company.

Mining pools are done through pooling resources by miners. Kronos became the first-ever publicly traded company that is accepting DogeCoin for payment.

Michael Rubinov, Kronos CEO, said that the AirDOGE replaces old-fashioned HEPA filter with easy to use and built-in laser precision particle that controls air quality.  The AirDOGE has a five-stage ionic filtration system eliminating bacteria, viruses, pollutants, pollen amongst others and Kronos research shows that the system destroys 99.87 % of influenza virus particles in the air.

Kronos on August 13, 2021, augmented inventory and prioritized shipping for schools preparing for in-person classroom learning return.

The Centre for Disease Control had published new guidelines for schools. Amani M, a teacher said that there is some worry about students as their whole world has changed. Amani added that an air purifier is enabling a healthy and robust environment, ensuring a profound impact on student’s lives. Kronos Advanced Technologies suggests COVID-19 Prevention Strategies for schools. The company also supplies advanced US-manufactured face masks to protect students and teachers nationwide.

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