Dragon Capital (OTCMKTS:DRGV) Stock Rallies 45%: What’s The Buzz?

There were a number of stocks which managed to deliver significant gains on Thursday and one of those was the Dragon Capital (OTCMKTS:DRGV) stock. The stock soared by as much as 45% yesterday but at the same time it is necessary to keep in mind that there was no news about the company that could have resulted in such a strong rally.

The last important news to have emerged about Dragon Capital emerged on July 2 when the company announced that it donated as many as three ambulances as well as medical equipment to 115 Emergency Centre in Ho Chi Minh City. The donation made by the company was worth as much as $320,000.

The donation was made by the company in light of the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic that engulfed Vietnam and the donation was meant for helping the 115 Emergency Centre with raising its capacity.

It was a major move from the company considering the fact that the 115 Emergency Centre is vital to the healthcare system in Ho Chi Minh City and provides its services to 10 million people. That being said, it seems unlikely that the latest rally was triggered by that donation and investors could do well to keep an eye on any news about the company in the coming days.

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