Cavitation Technologies Inc (CVAT) Got a New Addition to the Board

Cavitation Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:CVAT) has just announced another addition to the Company’s Board of Directors – Dr. R. Gerald Bailey. With over five decades of experience in the international petroleum sector, he is the perfect fit indeed! Not only has he worked for important oil producers in various capacities, but he was the President of Exxon – Arabian Gulf as well. His current designation is being the Chairman of Bailey Petroleum, LLC, a consulting firm for major oil and gas exploration and development corporations.

Neil Voloshin, COO and CFO of Cavitation Technologies, states that Dr. Bailey’s contribution will be invaluable, thanks to his deep understanding of the kind of work they do, along with his experience in the energy markets. They have big plans to expand globally in the next few years, when it comes to their technology offerings in water treatment services in the oil and gas industry.

On his part, Dr. Bailey has expressed similar excitement. He is hopeful of Cavitation’s approach regarding water management and treatment – being a chemical-free process, he hopes it can be utilized to its fullest potential. He is optimistic that it will set a benchmark for energy security, while combating the energy scarcity issue. If everything goes as per plan, he looks ahead to this process being widely implemented across the oil and gas industry, in order to reuse the enormous amounts of water utilized in oil exploration, and increase oil recovery at the same time.

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