Dear Cashmere Holding Company (OTCMKTS:DRCR): Swifty Predictions App will Soon be Launched on a Grand Scale

Dear Cashmere Holding Company (OTCMKTS:DRCR) aka Swifty Global is all set to launch its patent applied Sports Prediction App in the fall. It is powered by the game changing Swifty Digital Wallet. As of now, performance and security testing of the platform has been successfully completed by Swifty Predictions. Using this app, people can engage in live sports, and eventually reality television.

The app uses its own proprietary AI to generate Prediction cards for users, customized as per their preferences. Users can choose from a pre-defined amount, such as between $1 and $25. They have to swipe right to bet or left to skip the bet. Users can place high frequency low nominal value predictions in a fun and entertaining manner, on many international major sports like NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, Formula 1, European Football (Soccer), Golf, Rugby & Cricket, etc. Predictions about reality shows will be integrated too. Thanks to Swifty’s AI and machine learning, users will get access to precise bets at the right time. this way they don’t have to look for bets and opportunities on other apps and websites.

Swifty Predictions will develop NFT (digital collectibles) sports player cards to be purchased and traded over Swifty Wallet. NFTs are to be issued as a part of reward and loyalty programs for users of the Swifty Predictions app. The first quarter of 2021 generated a total of 2 billion in NFT sales.  The company has applied for gambling licenses in Curaçao, UK and several states in the USA.

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