JZZ Technologies (OTCMKTS:JZZI) Stock In Focus After The Recent Development

Florida-based insurance agency licensed in 37 states, Beacon Insurance has acquired JZZ Technologies (OTCMKTS:JZZI) demonstrating positive outlook among both businesses for significant growth in short-term revenue, which may reach one million dollars per month.

Tom Law, the Founder and Principal of Beacon Insurance Solutions Inc, said that the digital tools as well as marketing ingenuity of JZZ Technologies will ensure that the monthly revenues surpass one million dollars per month in next one year.

Furthermore, he said that the tools were not in reach as stand-alone company and the new combination will give a thrust to business moving forward creating a legacy business model standing out in the insurance business nationwide.

Charles Cardona, CEO and Founder of JZZ Technologies, Inc said that though the margins for insurance industry aren’tglamorous as high-tech sector but stability and predictability ensures ample compensation.

Cardona added that the insurance industry was by investor Warren Buffett as catalyst for providing stability as well as augmenting cash for the other acquisitions for Berkshire Hathaway. Cardona expects that the stability of revenue streams will complement to the higher margins of the technology side of JZZ Technologies, as it commences revenue from marketing database, valued at over $13.1 million.

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