Western Sierra Resource Corporation (OTCMKTS:WSRC) Stock Retreats From High: Up 40% in a Month

Shares of Western Sierra Resource Corporation (OTCMKTS:WSRC) pulled back a bit after the recent jump.

Market Action

On Thursday, WSRC stock fell 4% at $0.0960 with more than 1.18 million shares, compared to its average volume of 1.34 million shares. The stock has moved within a range of $0.0951 – 0.1080 after opening the trade  $0.0976.

Western Sierra Resource Corporation Announces Provisional Patent Filed for MPG Thermal Battery

The Western Sierra Resource Corporation (OTCMKTS:WSRC) has filed a provisional patent on the 6th of November, 2021, for the Mystere Power Group (MPG) Thermal Battery. It is a low-cost, simple yet effective thermal-electric battery with a lifespan of 50 years.

The battery is coupled with an integrated steam generator for maximum electrical output. The MPG Thermal Battery and Engine Generator system is integral to the low cost, high thermally efficient conversion of stored heat to electricity. It is designed to provide a source of clean and dependable electricity for providing power to rural communities, while also fulfilling HVAC requirements for communities, and establishing off-grid temperature-controlled environments.

As per Allied Market Research, the worldwide renewable energy market had a value of $881.7 billion in 2020, and is expected to go up to 1,977.6 billion by 2030, at a compound annual growth rate of 8.4% from 2021 to 2030.

In other news,  the Western Sierra Resource Corporation has confirmed the filing of the company‚Äôs September 30, 2021 Quarterly Report that reflects income from water assets utilization fees in the amount of $1,202,800 and total assets of $50.1 million. A copy of the audits completed in 2019 and 2020 has been filed on OTC Markets that is concurrent with its October 27, 2021 press release.

Traders Note

WSRC stock is trading above the 20-Day and 50-Day Moving averages of $0.0918 and $0.0776. Moreover, the stock is trading above the 200-Day moving average of $0.0695. The stock is up 250% over the past 6-month.

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