Sollensys Corp (OTCMKTS:SOLS) Introduces Blockchain Cyber Security Employee Benefit Program

Shares of Sollensys Corp (OTCMKTS:SOLS) have been under continuous selling pressure with the stock falling as much as 31% in the past week. Moreover, the stock has lost 65% so far this year.

Market Action

On Friday, SOLS stock fell 5.45% to $2.60 with 14K shares, compared to its average volume of 13K shares. The stock moved within a range of $2.2000 – 2.7400 after opening trade at $2.40.

About Sollensys Corp

Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology solutions company, Sollensys Corp (OTCMKTS:SOLS) provides products ensuring the data integrity of clients through the collection, storage, and transmission. Sollensys’ innovative flagship product, Blockchain Archive Server, is a turnkey and blockchain solution working with any hardware and software combinations.

Sollensys Corp Launches Blockchain Cyber Security Employee Benefit Program in Puerto Rico

Sollensys Corp on June 10, 2022, announced that Cortelco has been named as the exclusive distributor of the cybersecurity product in Puerto Rico. While more than 40,000 employees can initially enroll, Cortelco aims to give services to the entire Puerto Rican client base. Designed for benefitting employees, the cybersecurity product ensures personal data security through state-of-the-art dual blockchain technology. There has been a surge in remote employment in the last couple of years, making data even more vulnerable. Cortelco and Sollensys hope to create awareness of security best practices amongst employees.

Don Beavers, CEO of Sollensys Corp said that ensuring awareness of cybersecurity is vital. Beavers added that providing employees with space on blockchain results in a genuine understanding of the importance of protecting their own personal data. The CEO expressed delight in having a managed service provider of Cortelco’s stature as the exclusive distributor in Puerto Rico.

“Making cybersecurity awareness important on a personal level to employees by allowing personal use helps to change the mindset of each individual employee. Offering individual employees their own space on the blockchain introduces a genuine understanding of the importance of protecting their own personal data. This is the mindset employers want their employees to come to work with. We are pleased to have a managed service provider (MSP) of Cortelco’s stature as our exclusive distributor in Puerto Rico,” said Don Beavers, CEO of Sollensys Corp.

Sollensys Corp Expands into Mexico with its Blockchain Cyber Security Employee Benefit Program

Sollensys Corp had earlier announced that Wise Telcom has been confirmed as a distributing partner of the Cybersecure product. The product has an employee benefit program to have corporate-sponsored employee accounts reducing the spread of ransomware and malware. The agreement includes starting enrolment of Wise Telcom employees with the aim of providing services to the entire Mexico Account base.

Both companies aim to allow employees to harness cyber security tools at home for personal data, key documents as well as images. The product was designed for benefiting employees’ secure personal data with the state-of-the-art duel blockchain technology available only to large well-funded corporations.

Donald Beavers, CEO of Sollensys Corp said that ensuring cyber security awareness is essential, especially at a personal level to the staff. Beavers added it is no longer a compliance matter but understanding the importance of protecting personal data. The CEO said that this should be the mindset employers must encourage their employees.

Founded in 1961, Cortelco is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITT, the world’s largest international distributor of telecommunications systems.

Traders Note

SOLS stock is trading below the 20-Day and 50-Day Moving averages of $3.75 and $3.47 respectively. Moreover, the stock is trading in the neutral zone with RSI stands at 32.

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