Brookmount Gold (OTCMKTS:BMXI) Stock Continues To Move Up: Here is Why

On Thursday, Brookmount Gold (OTCMKTS:BMXI) was in the news after it board of directors confirmed the appointment of three new members to the company’s board. The board announced yesterday that it reached agreements to appoint Lord Christopher Wellesley, Elpidio Reis and Charles Heather as executive directors.

Market Action

On Thursday, BMXI stock increased 16% to $0.1450 with more than 492.11K shares, compared to volume of 645.81K shares. The stock moved within a range of $0.1250 – 0.1465 after opening trade at $0.1250.

Brookmount Gold Corp. (Brookmount Explorations, Inc.) to Appoint Elpidio Reis (Brazil/USA), Charles Heather (UK) and Lord Christopher Wellesley (UK) as Executive Directors.

The appointments of these new executive directors was actually the part of the agreement pertaining to Brookmount Gold’s acquisition of a 75% stake in an active gold producing mine located in Tocantins in the Central Brazilian region. The new directors are going to join Brookmount after the mine acquisition agreement is completed and they are going to be with the company for at least two years.

All the three new appointments are connected to GeoBlocks Exploration, the company from which Brookmount bought the stake in the mine. Elpidio Reis is the Head of Exploration and Mining at GeoBlocks, while Charles Heather had worked in the mining business in many countries and is the founder of GeoBlocks Exploration Limited.

Last but not least, Lord Christopher Wellesley, who is the ninth Duke of Wellington, is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Geoblocks Exploration Limited. It may be a good time to keep track of the Brookmount stock.

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