Is Enzolytics Inc (OTC:ENZC) Stock Ready To Resume Uptrend?

Wholly owned subsidiary of Enzolytics Inc (OTC:ENZC), Virogentics Inc (VIRO), a drug development biotech company, announced plans on introducing a dietary supplement, + Liver Rescue™, a liver and detox beverage.

Currently, the product is sold in Europe, VIRO has an exclusive license for distribution in North America. The packaging is being given to FDA for approval before starting distribution and marketing.

The company is making progress towards the August administering of patented immunotherapy ITV-1 treatment to volunteers under quick protocol supervised by Neuro Pharma Ltd – Rwanda, at HEAL Africa Hospitals, GOMA, PRC and Panzi Hospital, Bukavu, DRC.

The protocol approval is the last step for meeting requirements for injecting requirements the African HIV/Aids volunteer victims. VIRO’s partner has arranged for health insurance for volunteers.It also paid for costs to issue permits and manufacturing related to African Clinical trials.

The trials would be headed by Dr. Amogne Wondwossen, Associate Professor in Internal Medicine and Infectious diseases (MD, PhD) Addis Ababa University College of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Internal Medicine Department, Honorary full Professor in Molecular and Clinical Medicine, University of Dundee, Scotland.

The firm has finished arrangements for the final payment of the BTS toxicity report, which will enable clinical trials on ITV-1’s impacton diabetic patients. The firm, assisted by Sagaliam Acquisition Corp, is preparing supplemental information filing for giving insights into the SAGA transaction. Filing will be done by the first week of July 10.

Harry Zhabilov, CSO of VIRO said that it is an exciting time for all employees, individual Officers and consultants.  Barry Kostiner, CEO of Sagaliam expressed enthusiasm about the continued advance of Virogentics developments in Africa. Kostiner said that the company is committed to the mission of promoting education, empowering communities, reducing poverty, and fostering social development. Kostiner added that bridging the pharmaceutical gap paves the way for an equitable and healthier future for the continent. Drug development biotech company, Enzolytics, Inc gave an update on Virogentics, Inc ITV-1 African Project.

The final protocol for ITV-1 immunotherapy treatment under the supervision of Neuro Pharma Ltd – Rwanda will be given under fast-track protocol at HEAL Africa Hospitals. The impact of treatment on the HIV/AIDS virus in volunteers would be reported after the 17-week cycle is complete. VIRO has recently submitted an application with GNC for IPF Immune, even as the company continues to sell inventory shipped to WalMart and Amazon. VIRO is expecting to augment production in the near future for meeting the growing market demand for FDA-registered nutraceuticals.

Harry Zhabiov, CSO of VIRO said that even as the firm counts days to initial injections in victims of HIV/Aids in African patients, the company is confident in the hard work received over a 15-year journey.


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