Capital Financial Global (OTC:CFGX) Boosts Funding Capacity Through a Transformative Strategic Partnership

A specialty finance company offering loan advisory services and asset-backed financing, Capital Financial Global Inc (OTC:CFGX) , announced an increase in its funding capacity, through a fresh strategic partnership with lender RCN Capital.

Paul Edward Norat, CEO of Capital Financial Global said that the new partnership demonstrates a milestone in the firm’s growth strategy. Norat added that the expansion of funding capacity makes the company in a better position to serve clients and create value for shareholders.

The partnership will enable Capital Financial Global to provide a wide range of financial solutions besides giving the firm with greater flexibility and better technology. Higher funding will enhance its ability to meet clients’ needs, especially in the area of investment and commercial real estate financing. Norat further expressed excitement about opportunities through the funding as it provides a stable source of correspondent lending capital, to pursue new growth opportunities.

Capital Financial Global Inc announced plans on restructuring the board of directors for meeting the independence and oversight needs of national exchanges like NYSE and NASDAQ.

Paul Edward Norat, CEO of Capital Financial Global said that the company is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and believes that restructuring will meet the requirements of major exchanges. Norat added that it is a significant step in the evolution of a company and demonstrates the intent to operate as the most respected organization.

The planned changes are designed for bringing Capital Financial Global’s board into compliance with standards set by national exchanges. These include the majority of the board comprising independent directors, having an audit committee of independent directors, and a corporate governance committee.

Details of planned board upgrades including profiles of new board members and timeline would be released soon. The firm is dedicated to ensuring the transition is seamless and smooth with the least disruption to operations.

Norat also said that bringing the board into compliance with national exchange is a key part of the growth strategy. Further, it shows commitment to accountability, transparency, and effective corporate governance, which are important in the current financial landscape.

A South Windsor, CT-based national and private lender, RCN Capital was established in 2010 and gives commercial loans for refinancing non-owner-occupied residential properties. The firm specializes in new construction financing, long-term rental financing, and bridge financing for real estate investors.

Capital Financial Global Inc is a specialty finance company offering asset-backed financing as well as loan advisory services. The company provides organizations with the liquidity harnessing asset-backed approach. This is different from a traditional credit approach to originating new loans, buying as well as selling existing loans.

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