Penny Stocks to Watch: NWPN, RWGI, AABB, WHSI, AVBH

There have been a number of penny stocks that have been on the radars of investors at different times of the week and it may be a good idea for investors to take a look at some of those. This article would provide you with a look at some of the penny stocks which may be worth watching.

The Now Corporation (OTC:NWPN) – The company announced its path-breaking entry into the gold industry in Africa through the acquisition of the Wyoming-based firm Sunshine Minerals Ltd LLC. The Now Corporation announced that the strategic move would bring about a paradigm shift in the way gold is exported to the rest of the world from Africa.

Sunshine Minerals boasts of a strong record with regard to successful transactions and found the right strategy to tide over the challenges of exporting precious commodities from Africa to investors located globally. The primary export market is in Dubai but it also satiates the strong demand for precious commodities in other jurisdictions like Europe, Turkey, and Hong Kong.

Rodedawg International Industries Inc (OTC:RWGI) – On Thursday Rodedawg International Industries Inc announced that it had paid the deposit in relation to the acquisition of a licensed cannabis facility in Orange County in California. The Chief Executive Officer of the company Chris Schwartz spoke about the move as well. He noted that the step for ownership participation was a significant first step for the company.

He went on to add that in the past the company had only been devoting its efforts to co-branded licensed facilities through strategic agreements. Through this move, Rodedawg International Industries is expected to come up with a range of new revenue streams, which could add up to $6.7 million in annual revenues within the next 187 months as per conservative estimates.

Asia Broadband Inc (OTC:AABB) – Yesterday, Asia Broadband Inc announced that it was in the process of developing a new and its second Non-Fungible Token or NFT collection, which would be ready for release in the upcoming months.

The company noted that it had been working with its NFT team to develop the collection concept and the associated graphic design. Recently, the company’s first-ever NFT collection named Golden Baboons Mining Club was sold out completely. Once that happened, Asia Broadband started working on a second collection so as to cash in on the success of the first one.

Wearable Health Solutions Inc (OTC:WHSI) – The innovative healthcare solutions company specializes in personal emergency response systems and wearable technology. Yesterday, Wearable Health Solutions Inc announced that it had submitted an NPI or National Provider Identifier for boosting health information exchange.

The NPI is a unique number provided to healthcare providers for the purpose of speeding up and streamlining the electronic transmission of health-related information. With this application, Wearable Health Solutions is looking to boost its effectiveness and efficiency in healthcare transactions as well as in data sharing. The President of the company Peter Pizzino noted that everyone at the company was excited at having made the filing.

Avidbank Holdings Inc (OTC:AVBH) – Yesterday Avidbank Holdings Inc was in focus after the company announced that it had generated net income to the tune of $4.7 million in the second quarter of 2023. That was an improvement on the net income of $5.2 million in the previous quarter.

In the prior-year quarter, the net income had stood at $6.4 million. At the end of June 30, 2023, the total deposits stood at $1.75 billion, which reflected a rise of $131 million or 8% from the previous quarter.




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