China Yibai United Guarantee International (OTC:CBGH) Stock Watchlist After Recent News

China Yibai United Guarantee International Holding Inc. (OTC:CBGH) and its wholly-owned subsidiary, TidyCall Inc., announced the appointment of two vital executives to lead technological innovation and expansion.

Andy Kuo will join the TidyCall team as Chief Technology Officer. An accomplished professional with significant experience in app architecture and network engineering, Kuo led teams in designing and building networks for t telecommunications companies like TransGlobe Communications and Geneva System Canada.e has two decades of expertise in designing and managing data and voice networks.ith leadership and expertise in app architecture as well as IT, he would be instrumental in providing a thrust to TidyCall. Kuo’s vision is aligned with the company’s mission of creating innovative and user-centric communication solutions that enhance productivity and communications for individuals and businesses.

Mr. Jeffrey Pai will be the Chief Marketing Officer. He brings a wealth of knowledge in commerce, economics, and commerce and hopes to leverage expertise in data analysis and research for marketing efforts. Furthermore, his proficiency as a live streamer, professional actor, and content creator, along with s physical skills, will aid him in serving as the Community Manager.

Willie Hsu, CEO of CBGH/TidyCall, welcomed both Pai and Kuo to the TidyCall family and expressed delight in their appointment to the executive team. Hsu added that the firm is anticipating the vast experience of both executives in capturing demand and expanding t its market presence.idyCall is looking to strengthen its position in the home maintenance industry and provide enhanced services to customers.

TidyCall Inc. is an established Canadian company headquartered in Markham, near the Greater Toronto Area. The company specializes in providing on-demand home maintenance services through its App. It is dedicated to revolutionizing the way homeowners address household needs.

China Yibai United Guarantee International Holding Inc. announced the completion of the transaction for the acquisition of 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of TidyCall Inc. through the amendment of the definitive Share Exchange Agreement.

The current total outstanding common shares of CBGH will remain unchanged post-transaction, which is 38.69% of total outstanding shares and an aggregate of 544,066,044 fresh shares of CBGH Common Stock. TidyCall is a fifty-eight percent controlling shareholder of CBGH. The Corporation also issued 31,000 shares of restricted common stock to some individual affiliates, accounting for 3.31% of the total number of shares.

TidyCall, in July 2022, filed with FINRA an application for a name change as well as a reverse stock split. However, FINRA did not approve the application due to a missing file-stamped copy of the certificate altering the firm’s name from Medeci Corp. to Therapy Laser, Inc. in May 1995. The company continues to pursue a name change to Pubco in the future. The Board of Directors decided on implementing an amendment to the Share Exchange Agreement.

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