Penny Stock Buzzers: AIGFF, ILST, HIHI, SBMIF

Over the course of the past few days, a number of penny stocks have come onto the radar of investors for one reason or another. Those who may be looking into penny stocks at this point have a number of options. This feature would provide a quick look into four penny stocks worth tracking.

Genesis Ai Corp. (OTC: AIGFF) On Monday, the company announced that it had been successful in closing the transaction pertaining to the acquisition of certain assets from Carbonethic Holdings Inc. Genesis AI Corp. announced that it had acquired some generative artificial intelligence intellectual property assets related to forest intelligence. The company completed the acquisition through cash consideration and some contingent payments.

The technology acquired by the company is a proprietary generative artificial intelligence model that is still in development. The technology is aimed at the creation of digital twins for natural resource applications in the real world. In the news release, it was noted by the company that digital twins could be studied in worlds generated by computers, assisted by neural networks and deep machine learning.

Hence, it would lead to solutions to real-world problems. The company revealed that the digital twin technology would initially be adapted to provide solutions in the carbon, mining, and wildfire segments. Genesis AI Corp. also announced that it was looking to hit full commercialization by next year.

International Star Inc. (OTC: ILST) On September 11, the company announced that it had made a strategic investment by way of which it picked up a 20% stake in the newly established film production company B Studios. International Star Inc. announced in its press release yesterday that the investment was part of a carefully devised corporate strategy. Previously, the company had acquired Budding Equity, and it ought to be noted that the Chief Executive Officer of Budding Equity, Dan Rubin, is involved as an executive producer in the film ‘All My Friends Are Dead’.

The latest investment made by the company is the continuation of the company’s expansion into the intellectual property space related to cannabis-themed entertainment. The company noted that more information with regards to the acquisition would be released later. Thanks to the investment, the company seeks to use its expertise in the entertainment and cannabis sectors to speed up current and future productions at B Studios.

Holiday Island Holdings Inc. (OTC: HIHI) The company had recently been in the news for having completed a reverse merger with XA Interactive Inc., a major secondary recovery oil and gas player. On Monday, Holiday Island Holdings Inc. announced that it had made a significant acquisition, which would be a milestone for both companies.

It was revealed that XA Interactive had been successful in acquiring all the assets of Louisiana Onshore Exploration in an all-stock deal. It was revealed that the acquired assets made up a range of valuable resources. Through the acquisition, the company would also be able to reinforce its commitment to operational efficiencies and sustainable energy solutions.

Stratabound Minerals Corp. (OTC: SBMIF) The company announced yesterday that it had entered into agreements for the purpose of restructuring and reducing its debt obligations. Stratabound Minerals Corp. assumed the aforementioned debt obligations from the acquisition of California Gold Mining Inc. in August 2021.

The company revealed that it entered into shares for debt settlement agreement by way of which it would issue 45237216 common shares for $0.03 a share. It would help the company settle a debt to the tune of $1357116.49 that it owed to RW Tomlinson Ltd. The debt remained in the form of a note that had been assumed at the time of the above-mentioned acquisition.

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