AppSwarm Corp (OTC:SWRM) Stock In Focus After Recent Development

There are some companies in the tech sector that could well be worth tracking owing to the possibility of considerable long-term rewards. One such company is AppSwarm Corp. (OTC:SWRM). The company is led by technology minds and is involved with mobile app development, cybersecurity solutions, digital marketing solutions, blockchain technology, and white-label solutions.

Yesterday, the company was in the news after it announced Eber, its new on-demand ride-hailing app. In its news release this morning, AppSwarm Corp. noted that Eber would function as a ride-hailing app, which would elevate businesses. The company went on to note that Eber belonged to the next generation of ride-hailing apps.

The service would be completely on-demand, which would provide a smooth and efficient experience for both the riders and the drivers. Some of the modern ride-hailing apps have been beset with a range of problems, like unreliable drivers, mystifying price structures, and long waiting times. Eber would eliminate many of the usual problems related to the service. For instance, users would not have to pay extra because the driver had not been aware of the pickup spot or drive back on their own if dropped off at the wrong spot. The GPS-backed app would ensure that a user is never in the dark about the location of a car or the time of its arrival.

The company went on to note that the app would allow businesses in an area to connect far more effectively with their potential customers. Christopher Bailey, who is the Chief Executive Officer of AppSwarm, stated that it was a major opportunity for the company to bring its revolutionary technologies to more businesses and communities. He went on to add that the technologies would help businesses thrive and also provide a competitive edge to start-ups. Last week, the company hit the news cycle after it announced that it had launched a new website with a brand new look and an expanded look into the various tech offerings from AppSwarm. The new website, which can be reached at, offers a much more efficient experience to its users.

The company announced in its news release that the website would provide potential customers with relevant information with far greater ease. Additionally, the website also allows AppSwarm to put forward its varied and new technology offerings with far more details. Bailey, the company’s CEO, spoke about the launch of the new website last week as well. He noted that everyone at the company had been excited at the unveiling of the new website.

He went on to state that the team that worked on the website had worked hard on the project to come up with a website that was easy to navigate. Bailey also stated that the company had been getting a lot of requests from new customers for thorough information on its projects, and there had also been a spike in demand for the demo services of its products. Hence, AppSwarm had decided to rework the website.

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